Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jingga dalam Elegi (Orange in the Elegy)

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Author: Esti Kimasih
Rating: ❀❀❀❀
Genre: TeenLit
(contimued "Jingga dan Senja")

Tari feel comfortable with Ata --- Ari's twin brother. So Tari tell many story about her problem. Sometime Tari feel Ari and Ata is the same guy.

In the middle of story, Ari tell the truth about himself that he pretending tobe Ata. So Ari and Ata is the same guy at all. Ari hires people to be Ari when he becomes Ata to convince Tari (i think he is so brilliant). And then he try to explain this to Tari and ask her to forgive her. And she fogive him because some reason.

In the end, Ari finally meet Ata and his mother. The novel closed with Ata's words. He tells that he would make Tari more cry because of him.

The next and the last novel is "Jingga untuk Matahari (Orange for Sun)"

See you to the next novel...

P. S.
~ Sorry, if you feel the story is not clear enough.
~  Because of that, I need your advice.
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