Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Jingga dan Senja (Orange and Dusk)

Hi all!!! I want to share a book I've read...

Author: Esti Kinasih
Rating:  ❀❀❀❀
Genre:  TeenLit

This novel tells about two people who have almost the same name. There are Jingga Matahari call Tari and Matahari Senja call Ari. They were brought together by destiny. Besides named similar, they are equally born when sunset.

Ari is the source of trouble in Airlangga High School. Ari keep a secret because nobody know his address.

Ari has an enemy named Angga. Angga thought Tari is Ari's girlfriend and try to get Tari because of his revenge. Angga's try be defeated by Ari because his cousin (Anggi) school at Airlangga High school.

Someday, when Tari went to a mall, she meet Ari's twin brother! And his name is Matahari Jingga! And all of Ari's secret revealed. Actually, the problem it's more complicated than the secret itself.

To be continued...

P. S.
~ It's a trilogy novel, so I'll post the second book ASAP.
~ Once again, sorry to my bad English (i need more practice ==;)
~ See you later!

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